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Because rehabilitating injuries shouldn’t hurt A suite of products that reduce impact, prevent injuries, and deliver measurable results to keep therapists and patients both feeling great during the rehab process.

The Problem:

Physical Therapists constantly have to balance between investing in their practice to provide top of the line rehab while also gaining more revenue per session. In fact, WebPT suggests that the most important metric for PT Clinics to track is their Profit per Visit. However, it is hard to find solutions that provide better patient outcomes and increase clinic profits. 

The Solution: Rehabilitate on SmartCells

Leaders in the physical therapy industry trust SmartCells products to provide a better rehabilitation process that also helps their revenue grow. Here’s how:

Better Patient Outcomes

Better Patient Outcomes

SmartCells technology is engineered to the optimal balance of stability and cushion, creating the perfect surface for patients to rehab on. Our solutions are designed to absorb up to 90% of the impact during exercise, which effectively reduces stress on injuries and results in better patient outcomes.

More Revenue Per Session

More Revenue Per Session

SmartCells products are designed specifically to enhance patient outcomes, but they also provide an extra source of revenue. SmartCells PT solutions include mats that qualify for special ADA tax credits as well as reseller opportunities with our prefabricated insole and custom orthotic brands.

Quality that Raises the Bar

Quality that Raises the Bar

Manufactured with top-shelf components and engineered based on time-tested research, SmartCells solutions are designed to provide high performance throughout the rehabilitation process. Our commitment to quality includes an industry leading 8-year warranty for PT mats as well as a satisfaction guarantee for orthotics and insoles.

Trusted and Built by Therapists

Trusted and Built by Therapists

We partnered with physical therapists to tailor our unique SmartCells Cushioning Technology to best fit their clinical needs. Our solutions are now trusted by leading physical therapy clinics across the country who proactively invest in staff and patient health, safety, and performance.

SmartCells Physical Therapy Products

SmartCells Training & Therapy provides cushioned and supportive solutions that absorb up to 90% of impact during rehabilitation, enhancing the overall process.

Physical Therapy Mats

The SmartCells Physical Therapy Mat utilizes our advanced cushioning technology to create a better surface for patients and therapists to work on. This mat also provides a standardized way to track and record range of motion and accurately measure functional movement outcomes. This mat qualifies for up to $1,625 in ADA Tax Savings.

Fastech Custom Orthotics

Our unique Fastech Custom Orthotic program allows therapists to work directly with the patient’s foot, ensuring a 100% custom fit. Unlike other time consuming or expensive processes, our system can produce a custom orthotic in 30 minutes.​ Since our orthotics are cost-effective to produce, they're a great source of revenue for your practice.

Zelus Prefabricated Insoles

Designed to prevent injury, enhance performance, and maximize comfort, these insoles have the DNA of a custom orthotic at the price of an over the counter solution. Zelus Insoles are available as flat inserts or with arch support. As a wholesale partner, you can protect your patients and generate revenue at the same time.

Notable Features

Dispense custom orthotics in as little as 30 minutes
Support patients on-the-go with Zelus insoles
Generate additional revenue per session
Reduce up to 90% of impact during rehabilitation exercises
Return energy back to the body to reduce fatigue in staff
Track functional movement outcomes and range of motion
Safe, stable surface won’t impair gait or balance
Enhance practitioner comfort while working with patients
100% non-porous rubber makes mats easy to clean

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