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Because working out shouldn’t hurt A suite of products that prevent injuries and decrease the inherent stress of personal training by eliminating impact forces.

The Problem:

The Problem:

With many workout routines today consisting of explosive and high-impact activities, keeping gym members safe without inhibiting their workout has been a challenge. According to Human Kinetics Journal, 73.5% of CrossFit participants experience injury during their workouts. Despite the known challenges, gyms have limited options for reducing impact on athletes and preventing injuries within their facility.

The Solution: Workout on SmartCells

SmartCells Training and Therapy Solutions are specifically engineered to reduce the risk of injury for members and employees without hindering workouts. Here’s how:

Engineered for Performance and Protection

Engineered for Performance and Protection

The optimized design of SmartCells offer a stable surface over cylindrical cells which soften under impact and resist bottoming out. This creates the perfect balance of support and cushion, for maximum fatigue relief and performance while minimizing the risk of injury. Keeping your staff and members safe.

Solutions for Your Space

Solutions for Your Space

Every gym is laid out differently. Which is why we offer a variety of solutions ranging in size from single workout mats to custom flooring applications. We even offer different colors and surface options to best meet your gym's unique needs. Send us your dimensions and we can build it for you.

An On-the-Go Option

An On-the-Go Option

Our patented SmartCells Cushioning sets apart our Zelus prefabricated insoles, which are designed to prevent injuries and eliminate bodily wear. With options for advanced athletics and daily use, these insoles provide all-day comfort and pain relief. Utilize Zelus for employees or to increase revenue as an affiliate insole reseller.

Quality that Raises the Bar

Quality that Raises the Bar

Manufactured with top-shelf components and engineered based on time-tested research, SmartCells solutions are designed to provide high-level performance. Our commitment to quality includes an industry leading 8-year warranty for mats and flooring as well as a satisfaction guarantee for insoles.

SmartCells Fitness Products

SmartCells Training & Therapy solutions provide a cushioned yet stable workout surface that absorbs up to 90% of impact forces. This drastically reduces the chance of serious injuries.

SmartCells Training Mats

These mats are specially designed to reduce impact stress on joints by up to 90% while at the same providing a safe, stable surface to work out on. Available in three different colors as well as three different sizes, the remarkable mats are low profile and have molded beveled edges to reduce tripping hazards.

SmartCells Custom Flooring

Our custom flooring gives larger workout areas the protection and comfort of SmartCells® technology. Available as a standalone solution or cushioned underlayment, SmartCells flooring comes in a variety of colors, surface textures, and coatings, that is manufactured and configured to your specific needs.

Zelus Insoles

Designed to prevent injury, enhance performance and maximize comfort, these insoles have the DNA of a custom orthotic at the price of an over the counter solution. Available as flat cushioned inserts or as cushioned arch support insoles. Protect your members and generate revenue for your gym at the same time as a reseller.

Notable Features

SmartCells Cushioning reduces up to 90% of impact during training
Pre-sized and custom mat configurations available
Custom wall-to-wall installs for larger workout areas
SmartCells Cushioning in insoles reduces up to 20% of impact
Zelus Insoles available in whole shoe sizes for an easy fit
Variety of arch support options in the Zelus Insole line
Return energy back to the body to reduce fatigue in staff
100% non-porous rubber makes mats easy to clean
Train at Full Capacity - Mats will not impair gait or balance

SmartCells Training and Therapy Products

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