Three Ways to Stay Active This Fall

The season of fall has everything going for it – mild and comfortable temperatures, a good balance of precipitation, nature’s shear beauty as it changes colors – the list goes on. Considering all it has going for it, it is no surprise that a recent study found most Americans prefer fall over any other season.

Another plus of fall is that with only three short months left in the year, it is a great time to enjoy some outdoor exercise and complete that new year’s resolution of becoming healthier.

After a long, hot and dry summer it can be easy to take the milder yet dry autumn days for granted. To ensure you make the most of this glorious time of the year before the rain sets in for good we have gathered several exercises that will help you stay fit and are perfectly geared towards the cooler fall weather.

Get Lost! Take a Hike.

Well, don’t really get lost but you get our point. While summer is a good time for a hike, hiking in heat can be miserable. The cooler weather in fall will allow you to enjoy your hike and confidently tackle a trail with more elevation change. Not to mention, the reddish, orange and yellow colors of fall make for some breath-taking views.

Grab Your Bike.

If you would rather cover more ground, replace your hiking boots with riding shoes and hit some bike trails. Whether you’re on a road bike or mountain bike, cycling is a great way to get your heart rate going and enjoy the outdoors. Much like hiking, the cooler weather will allow you to enjoy your ride even more. Since most of the snow is gone, high elevation mountain biking is generally the best during the fall before the snow sets in.

Rake Leaves.

Fallen leaves, while pretty can increase the chance of a slip and fall injury. Not only is raking leaves a chore, it also doubles as great exercise. Once you’re done, relax your sore muscles and wash your sense of accomplishment down with some hot apple cider to really get into the fall spirit.

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