SATECH’s Do’s and Dont’s For a Successful Tailgating Party

The NFL playoffs are over and Seattle’s mighty Seahawks are on their way to another NFC Championship game.

The next few games are not only important for the players but also for the football fans who plan to tailgate at them. Much like NFL athletes who will spend all week in steadfast preparation for the big day, a successful tailgating party takes days if not weeks to plan.

The practice of tailgating started in the early 1900s and has evolved to include an estimated 50 million Americans who spend nearly $12 billion each year on tailgating activities. In fact, on Superbowl Sunday alone, Americans eat more food than any other day of the year except for Thanksgiving.

A successful tailgating party takes weeks to plan and prepare for including game day preparations and activities which generally begin more than 5 hours before the start of the game.

In order to help you prepare for the big game we have compiled a list of tailgating do’s and don’ts.


  • Forget the ice
  • Leave a mess
  • Drink and drive
  • Let pickup football games get out of hand
  • Be late
  • Forget your ID



  • Bring a meat thermometer to cook and store the meat at a safe temperature
  • Bring the appropriate amount of clothing
  • Bring plenty of gas or charcoal for the grill
  • Bring your own cups
  • Walk around and meet other fans
  • Anticipate bathroom breaks
  • Bring a SmartCells anti-fatigue STOP mat to stay comfy all day long

With its portable design and built-in hand holds the SmartCells anti-fatigue STOP mat makes the perfect surface to stand on while grilling and tailgating for extended periods of time.

The unique SmartCells® cushioning technology consists of a rubber surface layer integrated with an underlying array of cylindrical rubber cells that soften in response to surface pressure to provide maximum fatigue relief. The SmartCells act like springs that cushion as weight is applied and then rebound when the weight shifts, which returns energy and reduces fatigue associated with standing.

For tailgating activities where you are simply too mobile to enjoy the benefits of a SmartCells anti-fatigue STOP mat, there is also a line of SmartCells standard and orthotic insoles.

SmartCells Cushioning Technology: It’s not how the mat feels, it’s how YOU feel.