Spring Into Action with SmartCells Training & Therapy

With Spring quickly approaching people are anxious to get back outside after a long and cold Winter. However, a sizable piece of the population is finding tired and stiff joints are making it  harder to move like they used to.

According to the CDC there are roughly 30 million Americans that suffer from Osteoarthritis (OA). With that number on the rise, a recent study conducted by the APTA found that a good way to mitigate arthritis pain was through exercise-based approaches.

At SmartCells we believe that Life Shouldn’t Hurt, and we have the solutions to help physical therapists keep their patients healthy and their practice profitable. 

A Complete Solution

SmartCells Training & Therapy has a suite of products designed for physical therapists to protect themselves and their patients from impact-related pain. From training mats to performance insoles and custom orthotics, all products feature our patented SmartCells Cushioning Technology. The family of products (Zelus Insoles, Fastech orthotics, and SmartCells training mats) are optimized to reduce impact on joints and improve recovery for patients. Plus, our Physical Therapy mat offers fatigue relief for the practitioner.

The SmartCells Physical Therapy Mat benefits both therapist and patient by providing a comfortable, safe, and stable surface for recovery. It is also able to record consistent and accurate measurements without wasting resources applying tape to the ground to measure throughout the day. 

As an added bonus, our Physical Therapy mat also qualifies for an ADA tax credit with the implementation of our technology in your facility. With the family of products from our SmartCells Training & Therapy Division, there is now an opportunity to offer a complete solution for both your patients and your practice.

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SmartCells: Solutions for Life’s Painful Problems.