Spring Fall Prevention Tips for the Elderly

This year, winter in the Pacific Northwest has been a weird one. The temperatures have been mild, and we have had a few snow days, but overall it has been wetter than normal. And that’s saying something for the PNW.

Whether or not you live in the PNW, your city has likely experienced the effects of the La Niña as well. According to CNN, “during a typical La Niña winter, the Northwest and Midwest are typically colder and wetter, while the Southwest to Southeast remains drier than average.”

After a particularly cold and wet winter, the transition between winter and spring can be very challenging for our elderly loved ones. In fact, due to the limited opportunities for physical activity caused by the long winter months, it is not uncommon for seniors to experience an increased risk of falling when Spring begins.

Fortunately, these 5 steps can help decrease the likelihood of your elderly loved one experiencing a fall this spring.

  1. Strength Training – To rebuild your elderly loved one’s strength, start them off with 15 minutes of daily simple exercise (Walking, swimming, gardening) and increase the time slowly.
  2. Visit the Doctor – Studies have found that poor vision and hearing are top physical factors that can lead to a fall. We recommend scheduling a wellness checkup near the beginning of Spring.
  3. Eat Like Popeye – A diet rich in vegetables and calcium will help your senior loved one build muscle and strengthen their bones.
  4. Spring Cleaning – Having a clean living space is not only nice but it helps reduce the risk of falls. At a minimum you should remove clutter from indoor and outdoor walkways, rake up fallen leaves that still linger, and remove moss from sidewalks, porches and driveways.
  5. Check the Flooring – Having a clean walkway is only part of the battle. Once you have cleared the clutter check the flooring throughout the house and repair loose or damaged floorboards, carpeting and mats.

Bonus Tip: Use SmartCells Fall Injury Prevention Products

Despite all your hard work to keep your loved one safe this spring, they are still at risk of experiencing a fall or fall-related injury. SmartCells fall injury prevention products provide a safe solution that allow your elderly loved one to age independently, while also giving you peace of mind that they are safe.

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