SmartCells Pickleball Solutions: New Kid on the Court

SmartCells Training and Therapy division has a big announcement to bring in the warm weather. 

Zelus Insoles has partnered with the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) to become the official insole of USA Pickleball! Zelus and the USAPA are both passionate about surrounding players with the best products to keep them on the court and feeling great!

Pickleball courts are hard and unforgiving. But pickleballers are tough – with some players spending hours a day playing on these surfaces. The quick reflexes needed, sudden directional changes, and extended time on the court can lead to chronic pain, overuse injuries, or even a season-ending complication. 

Zelus is here to save the day.

Designed and engineered from  30 years of custom athletic orthotics experience, Zelus has a lineup of insoles designed to reduce the risk of injuries, improve performance, and maximize comfort.

As we get through this interesting time and tournaments start happening again, Zelus Insoles will be making appearances at many USAPA Sanctioned events this summer, including The Tournament of Champions in Utah. 

We hope to help you prepare now for when tournament season gets back into full swing with our revolutionary insoles. Get yours today!

2 Insoles. Same Goals.

Zelus Olympus LITE – Our newest addition to the lineup is here! This lightweight performance insole is 45% lighter than the Olympus PRO with SmartCells Cushioning Technology in the heel and ball of your foot only. This allows for the sleeker and lighter profile, while still providing the key Zelus protection in high impact areas. Composed of EVA foam, this insole features a molded arch that has been designed to be versatile for various shoe types and activity levels. 

Zelus Olympus Pro – All Zelus Insoles are designed with the intention to keep players active for long periods of time by reducing impact, improving performance and helping prevent injuries, but the Olympus Pro is the peak of technology in prefabricated insoles today. SmartCells patented cushioning is embedded in the heel and fully covers the entire forefoot for unrivaled cushioning capabilities. Plus, the orthotic grade arches provide the highest level of support without paying for custom orthotics. 

Try a pair of either model for yourself and experience Zelus; The insole to end all insoles. #FeelTheZeal

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