Safely Returning to Sport and Physical Training After COVID-19

Safely Returning to Sport and Physical Training After COVID-19

Injury prevention in physical training and athletics is always a priority – but it’s likely primed to take on even greater importance as athletes begin ramping up training in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, physiotherapists expect soft-tissue injuries to rise during the initial return to play.

Athletes have been working out at home and on their own for months, often without the equipment and oversight they’re used to. With that in mind, re-engaging with teams and more strenuous, team training needs to be approached with caution and an eye toward solutions that can make it a safer and more productive experience.

SmartCells and its variety of specialized solutions for impact reduction and more can help.

Turning to Specialized Equipment for Injury Prevention and Elevated Training

General best practices for injury prevention and success include:

  • Modifying workouts for the initial return-to-play period, which could mean reducing loads in weight training, practicing for shorter periods, etc.
  • Easing back into full speed and activity slowly and being overly cautious in approaching exercises more likely to cause injury
  • Encouraging thorough and open communication with athletic trainers, coaches, and more that can prevent injuries from worsening
  • Leveraging equipment designed to help with impact reduction, injury prevention, and more

SmartCells Has the Answers

SmartCells has engineered a variety of solutions for athletes and physical training that, while beneficial at all times, has taken on an even greater role in injury prevention and the elevation of training in light of this ramping up of activity.

They include:

  • Performance Training MatsIt’s about reducing the impact, not the activity. SmartCells mats are designed to provide impact reduction and injury prevention during workouts and training activities. Providing the perfect balance between absorption and feedback, SmartCells mats are durable, low profile to reduce tripping hazards, 100% non-porous, and easy to clean, designed to stay in place without buckling or curling, and backed by an eight-year warranty. Best of all, they reduce up to 80% of impact during training.
  • Zelus InsolesSmartCells anti-fatigue cushioning joins forces with decades of custom orthotic expertise from Fastech Labs to create an insole capable of elevating performance, helping prevent injuries, and providing unmatched comfort and support.
  • Volleyball Training MatsFrom personal jumping and drill mats to full attack area coverage, SmartCells provides modular, customizable, and configurable mat solutions aimed at providing simple integration that leads to injury prevention and performance.
  • Physical Therapy SolutionsInjuries are still going to occur. When they do, SmartCells physical therapy mats/flooring, custom orthotics, and prefabricated insoles can help absorb up to 90% of impact during rehabilitation, enhancing the overall process and getting athletes back in action faster without sacrificing thorough recovery.

SmartCells’ solutions are designed with athletes in mind and look to, above all, prevent common injuries, improve recovery, and allow athletes to train harder.

With a variety of customization options, SmartCells solutions can be tailored to fit any athlete’s body and regimen in homes, athletic training facilities, gymnasiums, fitness centers, pickleball courts, and a variety of other locations.

To learn more about how SmartCells Training & Therapy solutions serve athletes, contact us today.