10 Wild Mother’s Day Facts

This Sunday all around the world we celebrate the people that loved us before anyone else did, gave us our first kiss, lovingly changed our diapers and picked up after us, and even to this day their love knows no bounds for us. If it weren’t for these special people, none of us would be here today.

That’s right, this Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day!

When you’re a child you never truly appreciate the hard work and effort mothers put in every day just to make sure you were content. In fact, if it was up to us, we think mothers should be celebrated more than one day a year and we think you will agree after reading these Mother’s Day fun facts:

  • Modern moms have an average of 2 kids compared to moms in the 1700s who averaged 7-10 kids
  • Each second a little more than 4 women give birth to new babies
  • By the time their child is 2 they have changed an average of 7,200 diapers
  • The time it takes to change all of these diapers adds up to three 40-hour work weeks each year
  • The fun doesn’t stop when they get older, a pre-schooler requires their mother’s attention once every 4 minutes or approximately 210 times a day
  • On average moms wash nearly 330 loads of laundry for a total of 5300 articles of clothing each year
  • The mother who holds the record for the most kids gave birth to 69 children over the course of her lifetime
  • The first year a child is born typically costs parents $7,000 for baby items
  • A typical middle class family will spend $242,070 to raise a kid until age 18
  • Finally, economists estimate that if a stay-at-home mom was paid for everything they did, she would make a yearly salary of $115,432.

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Happy Mother’s Day!