Should I really be concerned about the comfort and happiness of my work force?

By Suzanne Gainey

Common sense tells us that workers who are not under physical or mental stress are more likely to be efficient at work, and potentially more satisfied with their job. In fact, statistics have proven again and again that happy employees are more productive and successful in their jobs. For example, happy salespeople sell 37% more, have fewer sick days, are 12% more productive, and tend to stay in their jobs longer. Having a positive work experience can increase morale, improve work-life balance, increase overall physical health, and have a positive impact on your business at large.

There are several obvious benefits of having a healthy workforce. Let’s examine 7 of the top benefits of having a safe, happy, and comfortable working environment.

Benefit 1: Absenteeism drops significantly for companies with a happier workforce. Healthy workers are absent from work less often, which results in reduced costs related to absent workers.

Benefit 2: Employee insurance claims decrease in safe and comfortable work environments.

Benefit 3: Workers who are healthy, and aren’t in pain while on the job, are typically more efficient and effective at their work. This allows them to be more engaged in what they are doing and more capable to produce a job well done.

Benefit 4: Employer run safety programs show commitment to safety by the management, and in turn create a company culture where everyone wants to be safe on the job. This idea crosses over into worker comfort. When your employees feel safe at work, they are more comfortable and will tend to be less stressed. If your company doesn’t already have a safety program, we recommend starting one.

Benefit 5: A company’s most valuable asset is its people. If your workers don’t feel valued they will become disengaged and may fall into the problems of ‘presenteeism’ that we discussed in our previous article. Learn more about the problems of ‘presenteeism’ here: Presenteeism Article.

Benefit 6: A safe and comfortable work environment produces happier employees. No one wants to be around negative people or a stressful environment day-in and day-out at work.

Benefit 7: Safe, happy, and comfortable work environments enhance your brand value and overall goodwill as a company. Having a healthy workforce helps you win with your clients. People want to work with companies who carry a positive overall reputation.

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