Custom Modular Fall Mats

The SmartCells® 3’x3’ modular fall protection tiles can be configured into connectable sections to cover specific areas around beds and furniture to reduce fall injuries.

Overview of Modular Mat Products

Overview of Modular Mat Products

SmartCells Custom Modular Fall Mats provide a unique and custom solution to install large areas of injury-reducing flooring in a connectable, easy-to-implement design. Integrates seamlessly over existing flooring into your space in any shape or configuration desired.

We Believe Life Shouldn’t Hurt™

SmartCells Fall Protection mat solutions are specifically designed to solve life’s painful problems. Here’s how:

Reduce Injuries, Not Balance.

Reduce Injuries, Not Balance.

The optimized design of SmartCells offers a stable surface that won’t impair balance or gait, but that also softens under impact to reduce up to 90% of the force related to a fall. This creates the perfect balance of support and cushion, for independence and a minimized risk for fall-related injuries.

Built to Blend In

Built to Blend In

Every space is unique. This is why SmartCells Fall Protection mats are available in several color and surface combinations to blend seamlessly into your environment. Mats are constructed of 100% rubber, are easy to clean, and will not absorb liquid for improved infection control.

Versatility with Coverage

Versatility with Coverage

SmartCells Modular Mats were created to provide larger areas with more complete coverage when protecting from falls in commercial or residential settings. Also, at ½” tall, trip hazards are not added to the list of what you need to worry about.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our Commitment to Quality

Manufactured from durable rubber and engineered based on valid, time-tested research, SmartCells Fall Protection solutions feature an 8-year warranty and are designed to provide injury-prevention and peace of mind for years throughout your home.

Why Choose SmartCells

SmartCells Fall Protection mats provide the perfect balance of cushioning and stability, for maximum fall-injury prevention with no impairment to balance or gait. Falls happen, but injuries don’t have to.

Minimize Fall-Related Injuries

SmartCells prevent fall-related injuries by off-loading up to 90% of impact forces

Enhance Independence

SmartCells products will not impair balance or gait, and they reduce the fear of falling

Reduce Caregiver Stress

SmartCells products are easy to clean, support rolling loads, and reduce standing fatigue

Notable Features

Durable and designed to last, 8-year warranty
Reduces up to 80% of the impact from a fall
ADA compliant ramps available, no buckling or curling
Low ½” profile reduces trip hazard
Will not impair balance or change gait
Constructed of 100% non-porous rubber for an easy clean
Will not absorb liquid for improved infection control
Silk finished surface provides effective ambulation for shufflers
Supports common rolling loads

SmartCells Fall Protection Products

Featuring a smooth surface and molded [...]


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