Fall Protection Flooring: The Hidden Hero

A recent study conducted by ageinplace.org found that 72% of Americans become impoverished after just one year of nursing home care.

This high number is due to the fact that Medicare only pays for skilled and rehabilitative care after a 3-day hospital stay which excludes assistance someone needs for daily living and Medicaid only covers nursing home bills after a loved one is bereft of assets.

AgeInPlace.org also found that the national average annual cost of a private residence in a nursing home is $83,950 compared to $56,717 annually for 40 hours per week of in-home assistance or a mere $19,000 annually for home health aide 3 days per week.

SmartCells fall protection flooring can be used as an under-layment to protect your elderly loved ones from fall-related injuries.

Considering the staggering difference in cost it comes as no surprise that more than 70% of seniors desire to age-in-place.

As you may know from our previous blogs, the term “age-in-place” refers to the practice of seniors living independently or with some assistance in the comfort of their own home rather than in a senior care facility.

As you can imagine, this practice has raised concerns amongst senior care professionals and family regarding the overall safety of our elderly loved one population.

As aging-in-place popularity grows, the industry has seen an influx of senior safety and fall prevention products ranging from electronic life-alert systems, strategically placed hand holds and SmartCells fall protection flooring and mats.

In the past we have blogged about the uncertainty of when and where senior falls can take place. While SmartCells fall protection bedside mats and build-your-own custom sized mats are great, there is still a possibility that your elderly loved one may fall where there is no mat.

The most surefire way to guarantee your elderly loved one is safe in case of a fall is to utilize SmartCells fall protection flooring. However, we understand that one of the driving reasons many choose to age-in-place is the fact that they are comfortable in their own home. Sometimes fall protection and safety products can be seen as intrusive, industrial and uncomfortable.

That’s why we designed the SmartCells fall protection flooring to be able to be used as an underlayment under specified laminate or carpet tiles while it retains all of its cushioning and protective capabilities.

For a detailed list of compatible brands and styles you can contact us via email or by phone at 360-748-8711.

SmartCells Fall Protection Flooring: We’ll be there when you can’t be.