7 Safety Measures That Could Save Your Childs Life

We often blog about the dangers of falls and fall-related injuries as it relates to our elderly loved ones, however, they are not the only population that is particularly vulnerable to falls. Adolescents under the age of 15 are also vulnerable to falls and fall-related injuries.

In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) approximates that each year nearly 3 million children visit the emergency room for fall-related injuries and more than half of those children are under the age of 5 years old.

A 2006 study of the risk factors of unintentional injuries due to falls in children found that “the risk of a child being injured as a result of a fall at home is twice the risk as at child‐care.”

Considering the danger and potential lethality falls pose for our young loved ones it is important that we take precautionary measures to reduce the likelihood of a fall or fall-related injury.

Here are several great fall protection and fall prevention tips we have compiled from several child health and safety specialists:

  • Keep hallways and stairs clean and well lit.
  • Anchor heavy furniture and don’t allow children to climb on it.
  • Use baby gates at the top and bottom of stairs.
  • Install window stops and window guards to prevent window falls.
  • If using carriers, swings, seats, etc. always strap kids in and never place them on top of tables or other furniture.
  • Move furniture away from windows to prevent climbing and play around them.
  • Utilize SmartCells fall protection child safety mats and flooring in high risk areas. (i.e.: changing tables, stairs, cribs/beds,  play areas)

Comparative studies and research indicate a substantial reduction in fall-related injuries such as contusions and skin tears when using SmartCells fall injury prevention products.

SmartCells fall protection child safety mats combine effectiveness with style and quality to blend perfectly in any room in your home and include features like a low profile height (1/2”) and molded-in beveled edges which reduce tripping hazards.

SmartCells child safety mats are available in a variety of colors (Black, Light Brown, and Grey) and configurations ranging from standard sizes (2×3, 3×5 and 24×68), to build-your-own mats and custom flooring.

With SmartCells child safety mats you can have peace of mind while your children play.

SmartCells child safety mats: We’ll be there when you can’t be.