Jump Into Plyometrics with These 9 Exercises

We’re so close we can almost smell the ocean spray and feel the sand between our toes. That’s right, beach season is just around the corner. To help you prepare for the beach, and feel your best, we have gathered several plyometric exercises ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert. As always, if you haven’t exercised in a while or are new to plyometrics, you will want to take it slow and may want to consult a doctor before you start an exercise routine.

Beginner Exercises

  1. Squat Jumps- Space your legs shoulder length apart, squat as low as you can then jump as high as you can. As soon as you land, squat and jump again. Repeat this for 3 sets of 12 squat jumps each.
  2. Power Skip- This exercise is just like regular skipping. However, you do it much faster and lift your knee as high as you can.
  3. Box Jumps- For this exercise, you will need a tall sturdy box or a platform such as a bench or tall step. Stand in front of it, jump onto the box and immediately off of it. As you get stronger, increase the height of the box.

Intermediate Exercises

  1. Speed Skater Hops- This exercise is similar to side-to-side hops, however, the jumper must land on only one leg, similar to how speed skaters move as they skate.
  2. Overhead Slam- Using a medicine ball, raise it over your head then throw it to the ground as hard as you can. Catch the ball and repeat. This will work your lats.
  3. Knee Tuck Jump- In a standing position, squat as low as you can then jump as high as you can. When in the air, bring your knees as close to your chin as you can. Repeat this for 3 sets of 12 as fast as you can.

Expert Exercises

  1. Alternating Lunge Jumps- In this exercise you will start by going into a lunge and as you rise, you will jump and land with the opposite leg in front and continue down into a lunge, then repeat.
  2. Death Drop Jumps- This exercise is the opposite of box jumps. Start by standing on a box. Step off, when your feet touch the ground instantly absorb the drop and jump as high as you can vertically.
  3. Side to Side Box Jump- With a box on your side, jump up and over the box with your right foot on the box and your left on the floor. Continue jumping side-to-side.

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